Thursday, February 26, 2015



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  1. It's a wasp knife, and its designed to be used vs. sharks. Normally the only weapon that's effective against a shark is a powerhead(basically a pole tipped with a 12 gauge shotgun round and used like a spear). This is unwieldy. The injection of gas from a wasp, however, causes catastrophic internal damage(the gas is pressurized at 800psi, for comparison your tires are 30-50psi). 800 PSI is Mike Tyson(at his prime), except from inside. The gas inside is compressed into a liquid and its extremely cold. Once its injected into the shark, it also freezes the tissue at the same time, which reduces the blood that gets released into the water(so as to attract fewer nearby sharks).

    You guys should get one of these for super fast moose stew.