Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Light

Yesterday, my good friend Mark presented me with a Happy Light.

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Acording to the literature provided by the manufactirer, VERILUX, the Happy Light is  a Sunshine Supplement Light System.

Because it mimicks the same spectrum as natural sunlight, exposure to this light for 30 minutes a day can counter the effects of S.A.D.

What is S.A.D?
"Seasonal Affective Disored is a medically recognized type of depression. It is characterized by abnormal mood episodes that occur at the same time of year on a regular basis.

S.A.D. has been associated with the hibernation cycles of animals. Research has shown S.A.D. is triggered by a response to seasonal decreasing light levels. As the days grow shorter and light becomes less intense, the desire to "hibernate" increases.

Typical S.A.D. symptoms include:
-Depressed mood, despondency
-Lethargy, excessive tiredness
-Social problems, social withdrawl
-Weight gain, carbohydrate cravings
-Difficulty concentrating
-Decreased libido

Apparently using this light for only 30 minutes per day can help decrease some of the symtoms associated with S.A.D.

Having lived in the North for over 30 years, I can attest personally that these symtoms are real. Many studies have been associated with this disorder and this type of light therapy has been proven to counteract these symtoms.

These natural spectrum bulbs are available for your standard lamps and come in many different bulbs to fit your existing lamps.

Although Spring is just arount the corner in the Far North, I will not be able to give you a qualified report until next spring. I intend to use this, however, until June, when the sun never sets. On the opposite side of the coin, on December 21st here in Fairbanks, we only recieve about 3 hours of sunlight per day. Points farther North the sun sets and doesn't reappear for several months.

I remember reading that in Siberia, the schoolchildren are required to go into a room where this type of light fills the room for 30 minutes or so. I remember the picture of all these school age children standing in a gymnasium wearing eye protection.  Although this type of light isn't harmful to the eyes, like any type of light, staring into it directly isn't good.

After plugging in and turning on this light less than 20 minutes ago, I am begining to see how this sort of light therapy could be beneficial.

I encourage anyone interested in this to visit the VERILUX website to get a better understanding on how this type of light can be beneficial to your overall health, whether or not you live in the Far North or not.

You can visit the VERILUX website by clicking here.

This is an encouraging way to get the light you need during the long winter months.

I hope you all take a minute to learn a little bit about full spectrum lighting and how it can help you stay "happy".

Tell them I sent you, maybe they wil advertise on my site.

I will look into seeing if this type of light is good for growing things indoors.

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